Your Progression

Once you've been accepted as a fledged member of Spirits of Arianwyn, you'll begin our loyalty program! After a certain amount of time you'll begin to climb our ranks and even be able to apply to our staff progression!

Loyalty Promotions

Rank Name

Myrth Elf

Athem Elf

Sadron Elf

Elendur Elf

Voronwë Elf


A Myrth Elf is a full member that has had one loyalty promotion. Myrths and above are eligible to apply for a staff position.

An Athem Elf is a full member that has had two loyalty promotion.

A Sadron Elf is a full member that has had three loyalty promotions.

A Elendur Elf is a full member that has had four loyalty promotions.

A Voronwë Elf is a full member that has had five loyalty promotions.


1 Month+

6 Months+

1 Year+

3 Years+

5 Years+

Staff Promotions

After 1 month of being a Myrth Elf, you can apply to any staff opportunities. Once you've been an Arquendi for a while, Leadership may invite you to become a member of the Leadership team.

Rank Name






These positions mean that you'll help out within the clan with Events, Resources, Tylar Mentoring or Recruitment. The clan relies a lot on Arquendii to make the clan run day-to-day and so the role carries a lot of responsibility.

Lians are Advisors within the Leadership team. Lians work with Eldars to oversee specific departments and groups of Arquendii while aiding with general clan management responsibilities.

Eldars are the clan leaders and hold the highest rank in the community. They make the final decisions for the clan, taking Lian advice under high regard. Each Eldar is responsible for a staff department, as well as ensuring the clan is running safely and smoothly.

Ontari is a retired rank for the two clan founders, to be used if they cannot be active in clan management. Ontaris have equal access to Eldars, however the role is more advisary.